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$150 for 1.5 hours

$200 for 2 hours 

The following information was taken from the sites of Jeni Spring at Heeling Sole Massage (AOBT™ trainer),  Cedar Martyn at Crystalline Healing Massage, and Mary-Claire Fredette at Affinity Massage  (AOBT trainer™). All three are Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy™ practitioners.

What is Ashiatsu?

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) is a barefoot massage technique using deep strokes from the therapists’ feet. It is a western version of an ancient form of bodywork, with roots dating back thousands of years from cultures across Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific Rim.

How does Ashiatsu work?

In an Ashiatsu session, the client relaxes on a comfortable massage table while the therapist stands on the table holding onto overhead bars for balance and support, using their feet to deliver the massage. The advantage of this massage — both for the client and the therapist — is that Ashiatsu allows gravity to do the work, leveraging the therapists’ body weight to provide a depth unmatched by other techniques.

What will an Ashiatsu massage feel like?

Ashiatsu offers deep, broad compression without sharp discomfort. Ashiatsu is meant to feel more like a mesmerizing Swedish massage — deep broad pressured flowing strokes — with no pain. Feel an awakening of your natural healing potential through true relaxation.

Is Ashiatsu for you?

Clients of every age and size can benefit from this deep tissue massage, famous for back and hip pain relief, and deep relaxation. Ashiatsu is particularly popular among athletes, but is not recommended during pregnancy, or within 6 weeks of any surgery. Please discuss with your massage therapist any potential health concerns before trying Ashiatsu. These techniques are ideal for those who desire a gratifying and results-driven treatment, those who have chronic lower and upper back pain, mild scoliosis or sciatica, physically fit individuals, larger clients, athletes, and those who can never get enough pressure in a massage. Clients seeking improved posture and movement, pain relief, and a state of well-being, should consider Ashiatsu. Ashiatsu massage also addresses tight or painful hamstrings, calf muscles, tight IT Bands, tight forearms and so much more! Clients with laminectomy, lordosis, kyphosis, fusion or rods can often benefit from a Barefoot Ashiatsu Massage Session.

Is Ashiatsu safe to receive?

When this massage is provided by a Certified Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) and trained by an Authorized DeepFeet Instructor (Kassie took from Ruthie Piper Hardee) Ashiatsu is safe, effective and painless, not to mention profoundly relaxing. The amount of pressure is carefully monitored throughout the session, and easily adjusted for the clients comfort. Ashiatsu is not a No Pain, No Gain massage — the safety and well-being of the client is our foremost concern.

What is the biggest difference between a Deep Tissue & Ashiatsu?

The amount of even pressure that is applied to the body in barefoot massage can rarely be done by the hands. Since the foot is bigger, it covers more tissue, with the result that greater pressure can be applied without bruising the client, and can be held for an extended period of time, thus stimulating a larger area at one time and increasing a larger amount of circulation. Many clients swear they will never go back to traditional massage after experiencing Ashiatsu.

It should be noted that this type of massage service is not for everyone.

There are some contraindications to remember and these are as follows:

  • Pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  • Breast implants within 9 months
  • Boils, skin lesions or abscesses, varicose veins
  • Recent eye procedures/ Lasik surgery within 72 hours
  • Tuberculosis, thrombosis, aneurysm, kidney disorders, recent bowel or hernia surgery
  • Any acute inflammatory conditions such as active phlebitis/ cellulitis
  • Persons on Coumadin, Lovenox, Heparin or heavy aspirin
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart condition, pacemaker, stent or shunt
  • Rib fracture, osteoporosis in advance stage
  • Any recent (acute) injuries or surgeries

If any of the above information relates to you I would be happy to provide you with a therapeutic massage in place of the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Session. Every person and every case is different so we can discuss it further.

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